How Do You Create a Logo for Free:

Use a Free Logo Maker Software Service

How do you create a logo for free? How do you create a logo in just a few minutes? Easy – by using a free logo maker software service! Read more!

As you build your website, ecommerce site or online business, as every other business owner out there, you probably want to present something that is memorable, something unique, and something special about your brand image. A lot of companies, businesses, and brands have chosen to create a logo to determine their company and their brand, however, creating an original logo when you are first starting out is really but really expensive.

So, is there another option you can use? Of course, there is – you can create a logo for free.

Create a Logo for Free by Using a Free Logo Maker Software Service

In this article, we are going to present logo creation apps or software services that are free of charge. Please keep in mind that some of these logo maker software services are free for the creation process only. If you want to download the logo, you have to pay a small fee (usually it is around $10). So, before you use a certain free logo maker software service, read the fine print and then decide whether or not you want to use that service.


If you want to create a font-based and super-fast logo, this is without a doubt the perfect tool for you. All you have to do is type in your text, choose some of the options available and click “download”. You can even look at a few samples for inspiration and start from there.

Logo Victory

This is a completely free logo design tool that allows you to download JPEG photo. If you want other file formats, you can use the upgrade package but keep in mind that you will have to pay a small fee. The paid services start at $49.

Use a Free Logo Maker Software Service


A completely free logo maker software service (please keep in mind that a registration is required). Once you will start using this tool, you will be impressed with it and the option it offers. It is created and run by HP and the best part is that this tool allows you to download a few different versions of your new logo.

Logo Ease

This tool offers a free logo creation tool. You have to create your own profile and register and they will allow to create and download the logo that you want for your business or maybe for your new online project. When you design your new logo and download it, you will receive instructions - how to include a link back to their website.




How Do You Create a Logo for Free


This logo maker allows you to type out the company name and select different ways to customize the font, according to your needs. Designing a logo with this tool is fast and free!


This tool allows you to choose an icon from carefully selected categories, add texts and effects. Once the logo is ready, you can download it and start using it. You can access the logos you have created anytime and edit them (in case your needs or preferences have changed).

Using a Free Logo Maker Software Service

Real World Graphics

This tool offers a few web applications to help you create icons or symbols that you usually see on social networks or on websites.


This logo software service offers logo creation, text box creation and other features such as textures. They ask for a link back to their website.

Share with us which free logo maker tools you have used and don’t forget to share your experience as well!